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General Management Capability Assessment

Most Managers attend training courses at some time or other but we have found that retaining trained knowledge is difficult to achieve. For that reason we developed our General Management Capability Assessment (GCA) to provide First and Second Line Managers with a very accurate assessment of their knowledge in a variety of management disciplines.

The assessment is a multi-choice questionnaire (view sample questions and results) which will ask you to consider some 300 management issues which are ‘collected’ in various categories to tell you where your strengths lie and where areas for improvement, if any, may be indicated.

The assessment will cover how Decisions are made. It will also examine your understanding of the process of Delegation. You will be able to determine your knowledge of Motivation & Leadership. Perhaps most important in today’s business environment is the ability of any manager to manage Change. Identifying opportunity, seizing it and making it happen are all qualities which GCA will help you discover.

Other categories include conducting Appraisal & Counselling processes, Selection & Recruitment and Negotiation Skills.

To complete the package, GCA will check out your Communication capability and your ability to manage Time. Finally, when you have finished taking the assessment, you will also know how much you understand about basic Finance.

The assessment will take less than an hour for you to complete and your management profile will be delivered to your screen immediately. From there, you can link to the specially designed Management Training Programme and select those modules to enable you to train at your pace, using quality products at attractive cost.

If you have a question then visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us to discuss it.